Improving the service you offer your clients often requires up-to-date equipment. Therefore equipment finance may be one of your best business decisions. We have arranged to make finance available on Comfortel salon equipment with minimum fuss on your behalf.
Financing the entire equipment value means that your cash reserves are retained and in addition: the equipment may become an off-balance sheet item the monthly payments may be fully tax-deductible, reducing the overall cost to you.

Please contact your accountant for individual tax advice.


Are you a candidate for finance?

At Comfortel, finance can be arranged for:

  1. Established business: you will need to have been trading for 2 years, with equity in property and a clear CRAA. Financials not required for amounts up to $35,000.
  2. New Business: discuss with Comfortel’s finance provider if you are a candidate for finance.


Forms of Finance

  1. Finance lease: where you retain ownership of the goods at the end of the term by paying the residual
  2. Operating lease/rental: where at the end of the operating lease/rental period you will have the option to return, upgrade or offer to purchase the equipment.
  3. Other forms of finance including chattel mortgage and hire purchase are also available and may be the most appropriate for you depending on your circumstances.
Hair & Beauty
  Nannolight (IPL)
Finance Type: Lease
  Finance type: Lease
  $5000 plus GST $10,000 plus GST     $35,000 plus GST  
3 years $189 $362   3 years $1178  
4 years $153 $291   4 years $931  
5 years $132 $248   5 years $$85  

Monthly payments are plus GST and Stamp Duty. These payments are indicative only and subject to change after time of printing.
Please note approval conditions may apply.


What now?


  1. Complete the application form on the reverse side of this page and fax to your nearest Comfortel office
  2. Once received a finance consultant will contact you to discuss eligibility and the best form of finance for you.
  3. Subject to approval you will be sent the documentation for your finalisation and signature.


It’s that easy!

Click here to view Finance Application form.
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