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Cocoon IR Wellness Pro – Ex Demo Model

Multi-Sensory Infrared Spa Pod

style: 7770

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The Cocoon IP Wellness Pro provides a range of services and settings including fitness, meditation and stress reducing programs. Features six  programs of natural technologies made with combinations of highly sophisticated components like dry heat, vibration massage, aromatherapy, salt treatment and jade stones.

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  • 5 Self-Automated Programs: Xpress Shape, Xpress Cleanse, Xpress Fitness, Vital Energy, Stress Free.
  • Dry Heat System: Precisely adjustable from ambient up to 170F / 76C.
  • Triple IR System: an IR breakthrough with 3 different infrared wavelengths; can be combined with Dry Heat for the most complete and enjoyable active thermal fitness system.
  • Enriched Air System: Air intake ports for enriched oxygen, intake fan for humidified, vaporized air; includes Pure Himalayan Salt Tile.
  • Ergonomic Contour Bed: Soft Cushion Pillow.
  • Pure Jade Bed Comfort Mat: 96 smooth jade stones, in cushioned bed mat.
  • Vibration Massage: Dual wave massage vibration system.
  • Cool Face Air System: Dual ports, adjustable cooling face fan.
  • Aromatherapy: Includes four proprietary pure essential oil blends.
  • Ambiance Light System: Two soft colors (Blue & Red).
  • Body Chamber: White, Professional-grade fiberglass, germ-resistant gel coat.
  • 3 Infrared Emitters Combined With Jade and Semi-Precious Stones to Provide Near, Mid and Far Infrared Spectrums. (Works In Addition to Standard Heating System).
  • Raised matching pedestal, organic design (OPTIONAL).


  • Standard One (1) Year Warranty.
  • Weight: 118 kg
  • Height (closed): 99 cm
  • Height (open): 226 cm
  • Length: 226 cm
  • Widest Point: 89 cm
  • Narrowest Point: 56 cm
  • Power requirements: 110V or 220V, 50-60 Hz
  • Amperage: 20A
  • Small footprint: 22 sq ft only
  • No special installation: plugs into any outlet


Download the User Guide Here:  Cocoon Wellness Pro Owner Manual

    Does not require any particular installation, plumbing, or specific configuration. Just a simple electrical outlet and you can immediately offer a wide range of automated wellness services.