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LPG CelluM6 Keymodule 1 Endermologie Lipomassage for Fat & Cellulite

KM1 Endermologie: Lipomassage & Cellulite Reduction machines

style: LPG-KM1


Endermologie: #1 cellulite treatment worldwide Universally regarded as the flagship for the business of non-invasive health, beauty, and  wellness care, LPG’s exclusive Endermologie technique is especially well recognized as the ‘gold standard of care’ for plastic surgeons. Beautifying, firming and smoothing dimpled skin, Endermologie treats connective tissue disorders and rejuvenates the whole body from the inside out. Offering clients real, measurable photographic results without added liability or down-time, Endemologie is ideal for all skin and body types. As thousands of plastic surgeons know, when it comes to your business, there is simply no substitute for the best. Endermologie is the finishing touch to the art of plastic surgery. 

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For sale, an LPG (France ) made Endermologie machine model KM1.
This machine treats the skin and body completely as a NON invasively for a wide variety of treatment.
For the body –results include Smoothing the skin, reducing cellulite and dimpling ,eliminating fibrosis (scar tissue)by firming ,toning and draining fluid volume shaping and toning, there are also procedures to address varying types of oedema (fluid retention ) and Lymphodema.
Lipomassage and Endermolift by LPG France, this is 100% natural anti-ageing and slimming technique, absolutely pain free, non-surgical and non-invasive. Endermotherapie is an enhancement of manual techniques for recovery of tissues, joints and muscles.Endermologie is a procedure that reactivates deep dormant cellular activity by mechanically stimulating the skin. Endermologie has mostly been viewed as a cellulite reduction machine but it has so many more valued techniques that make this machine underestimated.This machine is a great asset to any beauty salon, anti-aging clinic or a home based salon. This will also be an asset to a chiropractic or physiotherapy clinic.
LPG machines are made by a company that’s been in business over 25 years. Made in France, the quality is first class.
For your business, you will see results first time . Income $180K +per y