Spa Jet Capsule 4G

Multi-Sensory Spa Pod

style: 7725

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Comfortel’s Spa Jet Capsule; vichy shower, vibration, and Infra-red all-in-one spa pod will not only provide your spa, salon or clinic with a fully integrated luxurious spa treatment experience, it can also enhance every body and wellness treatment on your menu.  This Spa Capsule will create the ultimate relaxation experience for your clients with the innovative technology of LED colour therapy, aromatherapy, audio and DVD. Premium design. Exclusive functions, enhance the effects of your active treatment products with 10 pre-set Spa and wellness programs featuring steam, infra-red and ceramic dry heat, 360ç Vichy shower jets and multiple other water massage therapies.


  • Translucent capsule shell.
  • Front-opening capsule cover.
  • Ergonomic vibration bed.
  • Steam system to hydrate and detoxify the whole body.
  • 10 program presets + 1 custom.
  • Far infrared.
  • Stereo ready with waterproof speaker and headhone jack.
  • 5,6 colour LCD touch screen control panel.
  • TV, VHS, DVD ready.
  • Adjustable cooling facial air.
  • Aromatherpy.
  • Chromotherapy LED blankets.
  • Tropical spray.
  • Handheld shower.
  • Foot massage.
  • Adjustable water temperature.
  • H:102cm closed 213cm open.
  • L:230cm W:90cm


The highest quality fixtures are used to ensure durability and elegance. SpeedClean, a patented anti-lime system, maintains the like new performance indefinitely. Grohe Water Technology, a leading German and global brand for high quality fittings and sanitary components are used in these unique systems.

Weight: 120kg

Height (closed): 102cm

Height (open): 213cm

Length: 230cm

Width: 90cm

Power: requirements 230-240V, 50-60Hz

Amperage: 15A

Water inlet: 1/2

Required water pressure: 200-400kpa

Drain connection: 40mm (tube)


Maintenance instructions provided.