Diamond 2 Seat Wash Lounge

Hairdressing Basin & Shampoo Lounge

style: 1201

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Totally opulent, plush and indulgent, The Diamond 2 Seat Wash Lounge is a real show stopper. The super padded comfort and richness of detail where patterns provide the interest and stark simplicity of stainless steel provides the elegance, this wash lounge is sophistication at its finest. Strong and beautifully formed, the lavish upholstery of weaved textures combined with brushed chrome legs and buckle detail is a timeless statement piece for any modern salon interior. Part of the Designer salon collection that captures the glamour and excitement of a classic chic salon.  Also available as a 3 Seater Lounge.

Customise the look:
Optional Tapwear colour with a 5 Star WELS Rating of 5L per minute
Comes as pictured with deep White Basin. Black Basin upgrade available.

Add a matching Designer Ottoman


  • Beautiful European inspired shampoo basin and lounge.
  • Upholstered in a stunning patched pattern.
  • Standard colour is Black Fusion.
  • Long hair white ceramic basin guaranteed not to stain.
  • Tilting mechanism.
  • Integrated stainless steel basin support.
  • Suitable for washing from the side or from the back.
  • Includes Comfortneck III.
  • Includes Flick Mixer Tap Set (5 star WELS rating).
  • Includes flexible waste-pipe.
  • This shampoo basin also comes as a 3-seater lounge.


Total Width                              178cm

Seat Width (Individual)           60cm

Length                                       124cm

Basin Height                            93cm

Water Consumption              5L per minute (5 Star Rating)

Upholstery              UV stabilised, Cold crack protected, Fire retardant

Colour     Black Fusion

• 40mm flexible waste pipe included
• Plug and waste factory installed


If you have purchased this shampoo lounge from Comfortel please download the installation guide:
DOWNLOAD  1201 Diamond 2 Seat Washlounge – Comfortel Owners Manual

  • Always follow installation instructions.
  • This shampoo lounge must be installed by a licensed plumber.


All upholstery needs some care; good housekeeping will help to prolong the life of any upholstered products. Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold can make your vinyl prone to cracking, while extreme heat can cause permanent stretching.  Avoid exposing your products to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Cleaning Instructions:
Clean regularly (weekly) to remove body oils which cause hardening.
• To clean use a sponge which has been moistened in warm soapy water.
• After cleaning with a sponge, dry with a soft, clean cloth.
• Stubborn grime may require gentle scrubbing with a soft brush.

Do not use:
• acetone
• furniture polishes
• bleach
• detergent
• abrasive cleaners
• steel wool

A periodic inspection of all components and fasteners should be made to ensure that your beauty chair is structurally intact and functioning properly.

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