Presto Brush Cleaner

An electric brush cleaner that makes it easy to remove hair from hair brushes

style: 1545

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The Comfortel Presto electric brush cleaner makes it easy to remove hair from hair brushes in seconds.  A must have in the salon, this time saving pod now makes light work of removing hair from hair brushes to enhance hygiene and cleanliness.

A new and improved standard in cleaning
Patent Pending Cyclonic Cleaning Technology
Finally, a quick and easy solution for the dreaded task of removing hair from your hair brushes. The Comfortel Presto Brush Cleaner works by rotating synthetic fibres which efficiently collects the hair and hair product particles from the brush.   The hair and product particles are ejected and trapped in the removable canister, which then can be easily emptied and disposed of. It is a very effective cleaning tool which leaves your brushes free of hair, allowing you to sterilize with ease.


Removes hair off the brush in seconds.
Insert the brush into the pod, and watch the hair just disappear.  Also helps prevent the build-up of hair product and stubborn debris that is often hard to remove. With no more mess, just empty the canister when it’s full.

Gentle on bristles
Take care of your expensive hair tools. It maintains your brush investment and prolongs use.

Change the way you work in the salon
This mini pod does the hard work for you, allowing you as the stylist to do what you love and get back to work.

Fit for all modern salons
The pod table top, is compact in design.  The modern curves and ergonomic shape make it an eye catching addition to your salon.


Width       146 mm / 5.75”

Depth      305 mm / 12”

Height     235 mm /  9.25”

Weight     3.3kg / 7.3Ibs 


Always follow installation instructions.  If you have purchased this product from Comfortel, please download a copy of the instruction manual here:

DOWNLOAD   1545 Presto Hair Brush Cleaner – Comfortel Owners Manual


  • Do not carry out any maintenance or repair work other than shown in the Operating Manual or advised by your local distributor and/or manufacturer.
  • Always disconnect the plug from the mains before inspecting for problems. If the appliance will not operate, first check the mains socket has electricity supply and that the plug is properly inserted into the socket.
  • A periodic inspection of all components and fasteners should be made to ensure that your Comfortel product is structurally intact and functioning properly.