Studio 4 Drawer Trolley

Hairdressing Trolley & Storage

style: 7021

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For the lovers of minimal and sleek clean lines. Designed by the team at Comfortel, this hairdressing trolley in a matte black metal finish features 4 spacious lockable drawers with combination lock.  This full metal powder coated salon trolley comes with a roomy top tray, removable heat proof mat as well as Comfortel’s signature Hair Repellant Wheels.


  • Lockable 4 drawer salon trolley.
  • Hair free wheels.
  • Full powder coated metal body.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Combination lockable drawers.
  • All drawers lock with one lock
  • Large 75mm wheels.


Width: 38cm

Height: 90cm

Depth: 34cm

Material: Full metal body. Powder coated.

Colour:  Black


Download    7021 STUDIO 4 Drawer Trolley- Comfortel Owners Manual

Turn trolley upside down to install the wheels. The stem on the wheel secures to the trolley with a small retaining ring inside the leg cavity (a little oil may be used).


  • Clean with regular household cleaners.
  • Clean wheels regularly to prevent hair buildup.