Matilda Rose Styling Chair

Salon Hairdressing Chair

style: 4466

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Matilda Rose, what an elegant design you are. With stunning eye-catching Rose Gold arm rests, why not add something that makes you blush and feel pretty inside, inside your salon that is.  Upholstered in black with a textured timeless back, finish off with a matte black base to have a feminine yet unexpectedly mature look.  For a Metallic Blush #SalonStyle add feminine blush neutrals, luxe textures and midnight tones for a refined and totally ‘on trend’ contemporary salon space.

Customise the look of your chair base:
Please note Gas Lift Option is only available with Capital 5 Star Bases

Choose Option 1 (mandatory):

Gas Lift Black 170mm

Gas Lift Chrome 170mm

Hydraulic Standard (125mm)

Hydraulic Standard (125mm) Black

Out of stock

Hydraulic Extra Tall (165mm)

Choose Option 2 (mandatory):

Capital Base – Matte Black

Capital Base – Aluminium

Capital Base – Two Tone

Luna Bright

Luna Black

Omega – Bright Round

Omega – Bright Square

Omega – Brushed Round

Omega – Brushed Square

Out of stock


  • Professional hair salon styling chair
  • UV stabilised, cold crack protected upholstery
  • Smart design to stop hair getting caught in the chair and seams
  • The adjustable seat height provides customisable comfort for both client and hairdresser
  • The superior cushioning make it comfortable to sit in the chair for long periods of time
  • Bases have been tested to hold up to 500kg
  • 10 year extended warranty on gas lifts


Total Width    61cm

Seat Width       47.5cm

Seat Height Range     42-59cm

Finish      Rose Gold/Bronze chrome plated metal armrest

Upholstery    UV stabilised, Cold crack protected, Fire retardant

Colour     Black. Rose Gold/Bronze


  • Make sure to open carton without the aid of sharp tools as they may damage the product inside.
  • Put the base of the chair on the floor and insert gas lift into the base, placing the chair on top.
  • Chair should wedge together onto the tapered tube.


All upholstery needs some care; good housekeeping will help to prolong the life of any upholstered products.
Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold can make your vinyl prone to cracking, while extreme heat can cause permanent stretching.
Avoid exposing your products to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean regularly (weekly) to remove body oils which cause hardening.
  • To clean use a sponge which has been moistened in warm soapy water.
  • After cleaning with a sponge, dry with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Stubborn grime may require gentle scrubbing with a soft brush.

Do not use:

  • acetone
  • furniture polishes
  • bleach
  • detergent
  • abrasive cleaners
  • steel wool

A periodic inspection of all components and fasteners should be made to ensure that your beauty chair is structurally intact and functioning properly.