Mark Hair Mannequin

100% Human Hair Training Mannequin

style: WCA262

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Male training mannequin with 100% human hair and beard. Ideal for cut or colour training within salons or colleges. Comfortel’s Training hairdressing mannequins are ideal for all hairdressing techniques. Each training mannequin is made from 100% human hair, directionally implanted by hand on each piece. Varieties of hair length, form, and texture make these exceptional hairdressing education resources. This product has been bathed and disinfected by a special sterilisation process to ensure optimum safeguards.


  • Male training mannequin with dark brown hair  (20 25cm).
  • 100% human hair.
  • Ideal for cut or colour training.
  • Ideal for students and colleges.
  • Professional use only.


This pack contains:
20-25cm dark brown hair.
Male training mannequin.


Ideal use with clamps and tripod available trough Comfortel.


  • The Training Mannequin head should be gently bathed in warm water with shampoo and conditioner. Water that is too hot or too cold may cause hair to tangle.
  • When cleaning, gently work from roots to tips. Please note: rubbing or twisting hair may cause tangling. Rinse in warm clean water.
  • Gently blot the excess water with a towel – never rub.
  • Comb through the hair gently, section-by-section. from the ends working up to the roots.
  • When using bleach, the hair may discolour or become excessively damaged due to the hair previously being processed.
  • If using perming solution, dilute slightly more than normal. Full strength perming solution may cause hair to tangle.
  • If hair becomes badly tangled, allow hair to dry thoroughly before combing gently.
  • Keep hair dry when not in use. An unpleasant odor may result from hair remaining wet for several hours.
  • When using electrical appliances, maximum temperature should not exeed 150C.